Soil and Soil Dynamics

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Soil and Soil Dynamics

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Some great diagrams in this showing all the different things that contribute to Soil's existence.
What's the difference between soil and stone?
What's the difference between clay and silt?
What's the difference between clouds and rain?
What's goin on?

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Re: Soil and Soil Dynamics

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wow yeah sick

I think the actual science behind all this soil is great to understand
and with that understanding can reveal other systems which work in almost exactly the same ways, i.e. how similar a human's growth is to a plant growth. It's all the same just different substances and different names,.. but all comes back to the One...


The ultimate... the absolute... the original and the end...

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Interesting I have noticed a difference in one year and did these things just because they are apart of my organic gardening. Not sure what was done with soil before we moved here but as I was planting this year our worm population is already starting to grow. Thanks for the info.

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