Profile customisation - custom avatar

Tutorials on how to do certain things in the forum. Also a place to post any questions you may have.
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Profile customisation - custom avatar

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  • 1. Go to your username in the top right hand corner of the page, next to notifications and private messages. Click your name, and then click user control panel.
  • 2. Go to the tab 'Profile', and then on that page, 'edit avatar' (located in the list on the left)
  • 3. Under 'avatar type' dropdown menu, there are three types to choose from.
    • Gravatar is an external website that supplies avatar images.
    • Gallery avatars should show a selection of avatars we have supplied (workin' on it)
    • And upload your own avatar!
  • Uploading your own avatar: the file MUST be smaller than or equal to 500px x 500px!! This is so that the forum doens't get too slow and laggy.
    If you want to upload an image that you have, but it is too large, then here are some options:
    • Screenshot it as a smaller image, i.e. screenshotting the thumbnail, and upload it!
Any questions, please ask!
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Post by Larrywoumb »

Ok, Im a newbie, and have tried to upload an avatar pic using photobucket. It wont work

Is there some secret spell one must use that Im not aware of :
link 789jksndjhwev23d34@#fgdfgh
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